Grammar Zappers

 Grammar Zappers

4 complete, self contained and very special grammar lessons which make the ‘difficult bits’ EASY!

Designed for teaching at Council of Europe language level CEF – B1. Where CEF is Common European Framework.
No more problems with…

Prepositions (Walter)
Present Simple/Continuous (Hot Chestnuts)
Irregular Past (Fondue Marketing)
Present Perfect/Past (Great Escape)
The lessons are self contained and all have:

A lively dramatised story with many examples of the target language
Memory maps
Picture games/activations/role plays/exercises
Cassette ‘concert reading’ of the text with music
Full teaching notes
By clear, careful, recycling of the target language as listening exercise in three different forms, (pictures into word exercise, discussion of ‘storyboard form’ and finally a ‘cloze test’), the work is repeated up to 7 times. A long term memory of the grammar is then always available to give confidence in the correct use.

Author: Mark Fletcher



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