Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary:
Oxford Business English Dictionary For Learners Of English

Oxford Dictionary 2007

For many speakers and learners of English, the word “Oxford” spells authority about language. The second edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English is no exception. Any dictionary which comes from Oxford University Press (whose origins lie in the Middle Ages, the foundation of the university and the dawn of printing) tends to be in a different league from its competitors.
Based on the “Oxford English Corpus”, language databases, which amount to “hundreds of millions of words of written and spoken English in machine-readable form”, this hefty single-volume dictionary has four million words of text. That includes 355,000 words phrases and definitions, 12,000 encyclopaedic entries and 68,000 explanations. The statistics are mind blowing.



Grammar 1.2(VN only)

Grammar Express

* Short, easy-to-use four-page units
* Grammar points presented and contextualized through cartoons, photos, and other illustrations
* Clear Grammar Charts showing the forms of the grammar point
* Chart Checks to help students use the grammar charts
* Clear Grammar Explanations and Examples
* Usage Notes telling students how English speakers use the grammar point
* Be careful! Notes showing typical mistakes students make
* Pronunciation Notes to help students pronounce words correctly
* A variety of exercise types to practice the grammar points
* SelfTests for students to check their own progress
* Appendices with helpful lists and information
* An Index to help students quickly find grammar points

Grammar Express is available with or without an Answer Key. The Answer Key allows students to check answers easily.

Use HjSplit to joint

Babylon Professional-Từ điển đa ngôn ngữ

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